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THE GREAT PUMPKIN - Creative Ideas For The Pefect Pumpkin


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Have you found your perfect pumpkin? From big ones to little ones, from smooth
and Orange to bumpy and Green, pumpkins come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

From creepy to cool, funny to frightening, each of us celebrates the traditional Fall
and Halloween season, in a different way.

Now that you've found the perfect pumpkins, how will you display them? How about some great new ideas for Jack-O-Lanterns ...

Photo via: Sunset Magazine
Black cats are popular this time of year, yet
very different from your common day Jack-O-Lantern. (click photo for directions)

There's also flowers, faces, and drilled hole cutouts, to make your Halloween Pumpkins
shine brightly and uniquely on front porch steps this season.

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For those who don't like to carve, there's also no-carve decorating options. From stencils to painting, to decoupage, or decorating with diamonds,  the possibilities are unlimited.

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Even after you've decorated & decoupaged, painted and made pretty  .... where you
display your creative works of art may still
be a consideration.

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Though some creative pumpkins may best be displayed indoors, there are great ideas for making your house, stand out on the block.

I just love this creative idea for a wiggly worm
pumpkin, to entertain young Trick-or-Treaters.

Photo via: Pinterest

Or something more formal and upscale is what your looking for, there's creating by the numbers, to make your home stand out in
the crowd. (click photo for directions)

Photo via: Pinterest

No matter how you desire to display your fun and uniquely creative works of pumpkin art, remember that the Halloween season is all about color, creativity, and thinking outside the box.    

Thanks to all the contributors linked in our blog this week. I know you will find many new ideas for creating that one of a kind special pumpkin, that makes this season
a special memory for years to come !!