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How To Light Up The Perfect Christmas Tree


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You shop and shop for the perfect tree.  Your head spins with color choices, what ornaments to add, plus garland, ribbons and other baubles to accessorize it with.   Yet the one thing that remains the same  with every Holiday Tree is how to light it,   so that it shines big, bright and beautiful from top to bottom, without dimming it's beauty, or outshining the rest of the room.

As a former Commercial Christmas
Tree Decorator for many years, I've decorated, lighted, and fluffed all sizes and shapes of Christmas Trees for Holiday shoppers to both view and buy. Every year Holiday Tree shoppers would stop to ask, how to make their trees at home, a Holiday memory vs a Holiday nightmare. How do you get it to look fuller, how many lights do you need, and more. If you are one of those people that find themselves "wrapped up" in questions and cords, then help is on the way.

Photo via: BHG.comTruth is even though many people now have Pre-Lit trees in their homes, there are still those of us who endure and enjoy the Holiday tradition of adding their own lighting to artificial or fresh cut trees. Here's some tips on how to make any height tree a beautiful success.

Light the tree from the top down working in sections rather than round and round the tree. Start near the trunk of the tree and work your way out each branch and then back again, until each branch is covered in lights. Make sure you get way and come back out towards the tips again. By doing this, your eye goes beyond the surface of the branches, adds depth and fullness, plus allows you to put ornaments inside the tree that reflect the light and colors of each ornament.

Photo via: BHG.comHow many lights depends on both how illuminated and full you want the tree to    be, but a good general  rule of thumb for estimating the number of lights needed is approximately 100 lights for every foot. Therefore a 7 foot tree should have at   least 700 lights in order to be properly illuminated, both inside and outside the  tree for maximum depth and fullness.

So go ahead and light up your Holiday  trees in color or clear, and in star lights, flame tips and more. With these simple    tree lighting steps, the only thing  you will   be wrapped up this Holiday season in, is memories shared with family and friends.