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How To Cook Up A Less Stressful Holiday Dinner


Photo credit: Southern Living Magazine
Thanksgiving Dinner can be stressful. From planning the menu to the pressure of creating a beautiful designer like table that everyone talks about for months to come. 

Hosting a Holiday Dinner means you are party planner, chef, table designer, hostess, child entertainer and more. 

Even Thanksgiving Day itself once all the details you've planned are in order can be stressful. 

The guests are arriving, the kitchen is full of goodies simmering away, adults laughing, children crying ... how do you keep it all together and still keep smiling? 

DELEGATION is the key to sanity 
and a well planned dinner. Getting guests involved in the preparation of a monstrous dinner not only 
takes the pressure off of you, but also makes guests feel as if they 
are a valuable part of creating a beautiful holiday memory. 

Have a list of easy tasks prepared for guests to help with such as refilling drinks, setting out and/or refilling out appetizers trays, etc. By having someone else do little things for you, means you can be a better hostess than actually participates and enjoys your guests by relaxing and being a part of the family memories. 

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Don't forget that family gathering usually involve small children. Appetizer trays meant for you adult guests, are a welcome invitation for little hands and sloppy messes. Create a kid friendly appetizer tray with cheese sticks, apple slices and animal crackers and other kid friendly treats, to keep them focused on their own holiday adventures. 

At the end of the day if nothing else take a deep breath and remember that even the best of chefs has set off a smoke alarm or  two in their days. The most important thing about the Holidays is to enjoy family and friends, and be thankful for the love, support, and most of all the bravery, for enduring whatever comes out of the kitchen on Thanksgiving Day.