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Shooting For Success

Photo credit: Marie Kelly Unlimited
As a Professional Photographer for over 15 years, I have said many times that great photos are created not captured.
When photographing Real Estate, setting the moment has everything to do with success, including lighting, interest, and balance. Good photography should draw you into a home like a Welcome Mat.

Photo credit: Marie Kelly Unlimited 

More than 90% of today‚Äôs buyers use the internet to shop for a new home. For this reason and more, professional quality photos are essential in getting a potential buyers attention, and drawing them into the "feeling"  created by the photographer, the moment they view the picture. With a click of the mouse, your home could be eliminated, simply because the photos they are viewing are NOT a true indication of the beauty, space, and design, your home has to offer. Great photography should inspire the buyer to want to see more.

Photo credit: Marie Kelly Unlimited
When making a list of Real Estate Professionals to help prepare your home, don't forget to hire a Professional Home Stager to make your home the best it can be, as well as an experienced Professional Photographer to create and capture the feeling of your home.