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How To Create Colorful Wall Arrangements

Do your photos crave color?
Do you struggle with how to arrange photos
so they tell a story?
Photo via: Pinterest
Here's a quick tip for arranging those family photos,
while also adding some color and fun.
1.) Choose a frame color and finish for your grouping.
 Choose a complimentary style like brushed nickel,
and repeat that finish in different shapes,
or for a more traditional look approach,
 select a repeating frame of the same style and color,
 like the photo above.  
2.) Now that you have selected a frame,
choose the colors for your photo mats.
Note this process works best with B&W or Sepia tone photos.
Choose colors that are complimentary to your room,
but in a darker or lighter shade than your walls,
or a more playful punch of varying bold colors. 
3.) Select how you want to tell your story ...
Do you want each line to tell a short story,
or do you want the wall to tell a longer story like a book,
that you read line to line filled with action and adventure?
4.) Layout your frames on the floor in the design pattern you
have chosen and re-arrange as needed until you find that
perfect style that says "you".
5) Measure, hang, and there you have it ....
A customized, colorful, and creative wall
 that tells a story of the people who live there,
and the road traveled along the way.