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Stylish Storage Solutions


The end of January is already here, 
and thoughts of New Year Resolutions now seem to have lost their sparkle, 
as you struggle for ways to accomplish your goals. 
Well here are a few ideas for conquering those New Year's organizing goals, 
with less stress and added function, along with style.  

Photo via: Homedit.comFrom toys and remotes, to game controllers and blankets, there is 
always an excessive amount of miscellaneous clutter, when it comes 
to Living Rooms and Family Rooms. 

Instead of baskets, boxes and other types of storage containers, I like to 
hide clutter while still offering a stylish and functional way to live peacefully. Storage ottomans and chests that can multi-task   as tables, are a great way to instantly hide clutter, while also making it easy for kids and family to keep things tidy. 
Do boots seem to have you flipping with the way they are always flopping? Why not try these inexpensive Boot Shapers, for just $10/pair at, and keep those closets tidy as well as give you more space, which means you can have more shoes ... how great is that ladies?

Photo via: The Organizing StoreTo store beautiful china away till your next family gathering, consider these elegant looking Black Storage boxes instead of standard vinyl cases with zippers that always seem to get stuck. These stylish storage boxes from look beautiful in a closet or even on an open shelf, while concealing the clutter and protecting china for years to come. 
Photo via:
And last but not least, how many times have you gone up and down the stairs to grab a screwdriver, then a step stool, only to find you need yet another tool and down the stairs you go back to the garage or basement. This handy step stool storage box is the perfect answer to home repair needs. This Step'n Store from is just $45 but well worth the price for having everything where you need it, in a kitchen pantry or hallway closet without an unsightly tool box to look at, or a junk drawer filled with tools. 

Keep organized doesn't have to be an additional chore, when you have the right organization tools and products to assist you, while keeping your home stylish and attractive.