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Creative Ideas For Storing Tablecloths

The holidays are over and all those beautiful tablecloths
need a place to reside till they are needed again. 
From china hutches, to china cabinets and closet shelves 
stacked and jammed with beautiful linens,
how do you keep these priceless and precious items 
ready to wear for your next gathering?  

Why fold, stuff, crease, and wrinkle beautiful tablecloths,
when you can just hang them.
By using a standard pants hanger found in stores,
you can hang even your most treasured family tablecloths
in less space, while keeping them iron fresh and ready to use.
Best of all depending on the weight of each tablecloth,
you can hang 3-4 tablecloths per hanger, 
making this a space worthy idea you can hang in any closet.