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Ideas For Organizing Gift Wrap Supplies

COLOR it  . FIX it  . RESTYLE it

Welcome to our 1st Edition of Fix-It Friday
(Formerly known as Quick Tip Tuesday)

The holidays are over and all those gift wrapping supplies are now a torn, tangled and cluttered mess, of where and how to store it. Instead of just shoving it under the bed, or behind the door, give your pretty and precious wrapping supplies a home where they will be loved.
There are plenty of specialty stores both online and in town, where containers specifically made for wrapping paper and craft supplies are available. But what about inexpensive and clever items you may already have around your home?

Is all that ribbon spools unwinding your patience?  Try stacking them on a paper towel holder from largest to smallest. Use a small piece of scotch tape to keep ends neat and tangle free.



Or maybe just a shoe box where you can also store your scissors and scotch tape?

Chances are it's not just gift wrapping your struggling with, but all those pretty gift bags and embellishments as well? If so then you're really going to love this idea I found from HGTV.

This is a great storage system idea whether you install in on the back of a craft room door, or on a closet door. The wire baskets are easy to install and can be found at a variety of places including local hardware stores.

Looking for something a little less formal and can easily be hung in just 
minutes? How about this hanging shoe organizer. Just cut out the bottoms to the shoe holders leaving only the one on the bottom as a whole pocket, and you have an easy catch all for pretty paper in a hurry.

Thanks for sharing your Friday with us! Make the last work day of the week, your new GO forth and FIX IT day!!