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Spring Painting 101

Spring has arrived and the official start of a new season
filled with color and style has begun. 
What colors will YOU grow  this Spring,
and where will you plant them in and around your home?
Photo credit: Design Seeds
Choosing which paint colors as well as
what types of paint finishes and where,
can be an overwhelming task for many homeowners.
Although it's best to consult with a Professional Color Expert to help with these types of decisions, there are 3 basics things you can keep in mind to help ease the decision making process. 
Photo credit: Design Seeds
How To Choose A Paint Color
Select something in the room that makes you happy. Draw upon those colors and feelings to create a theme or color palette that ties everything together.
Starting fresh? Find something you like,
a piece of artwork, a rug, a photo, or a piece of decorative accessory, and use that
as your bridge in creating a cohesive look.
Photo credit: Design Seeds
How To Choose A Paint Finish
Selecting a finish is not hard, but first you must decide where and how the area or item you are painting, is going to be utilized. Although there are many things to consider and different types of paint that will give you the effect you are trying to achieve, there are still some basic tips you can follow, to help you select the right finishes.
Satin works great for homes with uneven walls where you need to minimize or hide imperfections. Semi-Gloss is great for trim pieces or mouldings and high traffic areas, because it's easy to wipe clean.  Gloss is durable and looks great for accenting the curves and lines of furniture pieces.
Photo credit: Design Seeds
How To Select The Right Tools
(1) Invest in a good drop cloth that can be used over and over again. Cloth is more durable that plastic and provides a better non-slippery surface for working in.
(2) You'll  need Blue Tape or Frog Tape in order to mask off area for protection and create clean corners and lines.
(3) Paint Rollers - these are great for larger areas and come in a variety of sizes. Choose a deep pile roller for textured surfaces, and a low pile roller for smooth finish walls. Don't forget to get an extension rod if you want to be able to reach those high reach areas like ceilings and wall corners.
(4) Paint Brushes - Decide if you need a natural bristle or synthetic brushes. Stains typically require synthetic nylon or polyester while most interior wall paints are best paired with natural brushes to avoid streaking. Don't forget an angle brush so you can "cut in" corners where walls meet moldings.
Painting your home doesn't have to be complicated. With a little bit of patience and creativity, you too can find the color of your dreams, and a room where memories are created.