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Home Staging

Define Your Deck Space

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Everyone loves decks and patios for everything from quiet relaxation, to entertaining with family and friends. No matter whether you have a small space, or a large and luxurious space,you still need to define your space.

Just having a bunch of beautiful furniture out on a patio is not enough. When you define a space, you give it purpose, function, and style. This can easily be done by simply placing your furniture in groups for function. For example dining space, conversation space, grilling/prep space, etc. 

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To even further define a space, use rugs. Rugs are the perfect element for added texture and definition. Rugs add color, emphasis design style, and create imaginary walls for your specific space. Rugs are like shoes that help ground the overall style and design.
The next time you step out onto your deck, think of it as your outdoor living space. Use rugs and groupings to create imaginary walls, add plants to soften or add coverage, and group furniture for function and definition.


How To Make A Colorful Entrance

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Quick Tips for Successfully Selling Your Home  
In order to sell your home successfully,
you need more than a sign in the lawn, and pretty furniture inside.
Knowing what buyers want, and what price they are
willing to reasonably pay for it,
 is the vital  balance that Pro's like 
Real Estate Agents and Home Staging Professionals together,
can bring to your selling table.

Everyone knows that Curb Appeal is the one of the most important factors in creating desire for potential buyers to view your home. Depending on the color and architectural style of your home, a COLORFUL front door may be just what you need in order to stand out, yet also brings warmth and character to your home.
Photo credit: Pella Doors
Nothing compares to the elegance of
a wooden front door. More than just  
beautiful and stately, wood doors are viewed as a statement of luxury by potential buyers. Wood doors are common in higher end luxury homes. Think of how much character and elegance a wood door could possibly add to your home, and the value it appears to add. 
Photo credit: House Beautiful
For those of us with less than dreamy
entrances, who rely on COLOR
to be the focal point of a warm and welcoming home entrance, we start
with the colors RED and BLACK.
For many people thoughts of a colorful
front door automatically turn to basic

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Although both colors blend in well with most homes especially Traditional and 
Colonial styles, selecting a color for your door also depends on the style 
                                                                      and color of your home's exterior.  
Choosing a COLOR for your Front Door also depends on the look you are trying to achieve. Do you want your Front Door to stand out, blend in better for cohesiveness,
or do you need it to slide into the background, giving front and center attention to the landscape and architectural detail of your home.
Photo credit: Apartment Therapy
Selecting paint colors for your front entrance to your home is more than just pretty paint colors. Your front door is the emotional entrance to your home, and first step to creating the feel of what is coming, once they open that door. For this reason color is not only has to be appealing, but carry meaning. This is  where a Color Expert  or Home Staging Professional, can help you decide what selections are best  suited for your home, in order to achieve the look you need for best value, appearance, and style


Make Your Sunroom A Beautiful Place

Does your enclosed porch or Four Season Room, still look like it's Christmas season?

Does your Sunroom bring you more grey skies than sunny moments?

If you're selling your home this Spring, buyers don't want to see potentially valuable areas like these, cluttered with holiday decorations or dead plants from last summer you've forgotten to toss away.

Allow buyers to see the beauty of this valuable space by adding seasonal colors that compliment the time of year and your individual home, along with pillows, area rugs, and fresh flowers or plants, that appear to have been growing there all winter long. Use warm weather floral prints and brighter colors in Spring and Summer, and rich darker colors in Fall and Winter Seasons.

Even if your style is more Formal or Traditional, you can still evoke the feeling of a sunny comfortable and peaceful space that buyers will be drawn to. Cluttered and even empty spaces, can make a room feel cold, and unusable.
Buyers love indoor/outdoor spaces that make them feel relaxed, and removed from family hustle, bustle and noise. Awaken the senses of buyers with the ability to connect to every valuable space, your home has to offer.

Make your Sunroom and enclosed porches a space that buyers long to spend time in, whether alone or entertaining with friends and family.

Decreasing The Clutter 2 Increase The Traffic

Quick Tips
for Successfully Selling Your Home 

The NEW YEAR has arrived and thousands of homeowners are now
making plans, for preparing to sell their home for market in the Spring.
But in order to sell your home successfully, you need more than a
sign in the lawn, and pretty furniture inside.

Knowing what buyers are "currently" looking for in a home, including what's hot
and what not for kitchens and bathrooms, along with what price buyers are willing
to spend in "your neighborhood" for a home, is the critical balance that Real Estate Agents and Home Staging Professionals face everyday, and why their
knowledge and experience can make your home selling process a success.

First and most importantly, if you want more traffic, you need less clutter ...
Does your home create a feeling of warmth,
peace and coziness, or does the world seem
to stop as soon as you enter, making you feel uneasy, as you step over shoes, toys, & more. For many homeowners, decluttering is not only a hard decision making process of what needs to go and what needs to stay, but many homeowners also believe that simply decluttering equals Staging. The truth is, even though decluttering is a very important step in to a successful sale, decluttering is only the 1st
of many steps, in the Home Staging Process. Did you know that a 2011 HomeGain's Report stated that even just simple cleaning and decluttering of a home can bring you 85% ROI? Add that with Staging a home and you have 80% ROI that brings you closer to being that financially successful seller you dreamed of being.
So where do you start with removing the excess and putting away the treasures?
First let me say that no one wants a home stripped of all character or decor. There is a tender balance in creating a home that is
clean and sparkling, yet bold and full of character. This is where a Professional
Home Stager can assist you. As a homeowner here are some steps you can take right now, even before your Agent and or Professional Stager walk in the door. 
Allow buyers to see the beauty of your
home and not your items that you personally treasure. Put away large collections of cherished items as they only distract buyers from seeing the real beauty your home has to offer. Remember boxing away these items are only temporary, and will be brought to life again in your new home.  
From excess appliances on the kitchen counter, to personal items on bathroom sinks, to the toys in little Johnny's room
 that just would fit in his toy box anymore,
are all signs that clutter is present.Clutter is the biggest turn off for buyers. Not only is it unsightly, but it also tells buyers that there is simply not enough room in your home for storage and more than likely the reason you are moving.
Closets need to be streamlined and simplified along with all cabinets and drawers. Basements and garages are
the worst areas for clutter and unsightly storage. If you have more than your home storage areas can bare, consider getting
a temporary storage unit or a portable
pod to store the excess items in while selling your home. Truth is the longer you have lived in a home, the more items you have probably collected over the years.
Selling your home is a huge responsibility, but it can also be one of the most profitable experiences as well, providing you give your home the necessary ingredients to be successful. Show buyers the value in purchasing your home. Show them the reason you originally feel in love with that home and make that dream come alive again, for
the next family that dreams of starting a life there. 

Creating a Beautiful Backyard For Buyers


When staging your home for sale, don't forget backyard decks and patios.
Potential buyers want to "SEE" the potential your home has to offer.
Don't allow buyers to guess "what could be" .... create it for them !!

Photo credit: BHG.comIf you live an area with gorgeous views, make sure buyers see that there is a warm, cozy and comfortable space for them to both relax and enjoy the view.

If your home offers great amenities such as a pool, or outdoors kitchen, use that theme to design around it and create a space that buyers cant wait to show off to their friends and family.

Maybe your home is more city or urban, where privacy tends to be something that buyers would love to know you have. In this situation, creating a space for entertainment or casual reading, while also providing a sense of privacy, will gain you high marks when buyers view your home.

Photo credit: BHG.comNo matter what your individual home has  to offer, make sure the colors compliment your particular demographics and style of home. While a playful palette of vivid color and patterns may be great for a modern or contemporary home, a more formal or elegant design of home, may have be more inclined to flow, with neutral colors, amongst wooden or iron furniture combined with lots of textures and layers for coziness, to create that warm and unqiue indoor/outdoor total living space that  buyers love.

Do you have a lakeside home, maybe blues and greens would help play up your outdoor features. Does your home sit in a wooded area, where pops of bright color against the lush green trees would make buyers drool? 

You don't need alot of space, for buyers  to see how valuable your home's deck or patio can be to their family needs. Just "go with the flow" from inside your home,  and connect that design to create an Indoor/Outdoor living space that will have buyers begging to spend the summer there with family and friends.

Are You "Over Priced" For Success?

Photo credit: Marie Kelly Unlimited
In today's economy,you need
more than just a beautiful
home .... 
Smart sellers know that a great agent, along with a beautifully staged home, and professional MLS photos, is the key to successfully selling your home faster than competitive homes in your area.

But even the most beautiful of homes, will NOT sell if your home is priced too high for the consumer market to bear.

Selling a home is an emotional experience that also requires understanding of today's economy and how marketing your product, at a price that bears attention, while still offering a fair value. It's difficult for many sellers to be objective about the market value of their home, because of the personal attachment to the memories, time, and expense invested in their home over the years. But sentiment alone does not add to the value of the home. As a seller you must give what buyers are looking for, in order to be successful.

If you want to be a successful seller, you need to be on your game, and follow a professional game plan for winning. Working with an experienced Real Estate Industry Professional who can help you prepare and market your home, will give you the solid foundation towards a financially successful home sale.

Make a list of your homes best features, as well as the ones that make up the reasons why you are moving. Today's buyers are looking to invest their hard earned dollars in only the best value they can find. With the help of a Real Estate Industry Professional who knows buyer trends, neighborhood comps, and the best way to showcase your home and its best qualities, will give you the competitive edge to sell your home for the highest market value available to you, without becoming an overpriced and overlooked option for buyers and offers.

Shooting For Success

Photo credit: Marie Kelly Unlimited
As a Professional Photographer for over 15 years, I have said many times that great photos are created not captured.
When photographing Real Estate, setting the moment has everything to do with success, including lighting, interest, and balance. Good photography should draw you into a home like a Welcome Mat.

Photo credit: Marie Kelly Unlimited 

More than 90% of today‚Äôs buyers use the internet to shop for a new home. For this reason and more, professional quality photos are essential in getting a potential buyers attention, and drawing them into the "feeling"  created by the photographer, the moment they view the picture. With a click of the mouse, your home could be eliminated, simply because the photos they are viewing are NOT a true indication of the beauty, space, and design, your home has to offer. Great photography should inspire the buyer to want to see more.

Photo credit: Marie Kelly Unlimited
When making a list of Real Estate Professionals to help prepare your home, don't forget to hire a Professional Home Stager to make your home the best it can be, as well as an experienced Professional Photographer to create and capture the feeling of your home.